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Why Do You Want to Become a Paralegal in Mississippi?

Mississippi paralegal working with attorneyWhen preparing to interview for a Paralegal job in Mississippi, it’s advantageous to consider questions you may be asked. Among the questions that recruiters often ask Paralegal prospects is “What drove you to choose law as a profession?”. What the interviewer is trying to learn is not merely the personal reasons you might have for becoming a Paralegal, but additionally what characteristics and talents you have that make you good at what you do. You will likely be asked questions pertaining primarily to law, along with a significant number of standard interview questions, so you should ready some ideas about how you would like to respond to them. Given that there are numerous factors that go into choosing a career, you can answer this primary question in a number of ways. When preparing an answer, try to include the reasons the profession interests you as well as the strengths you have that make you an exceptional Paralegal and the leading choice for the position. Don’t try to memorize an answer, but write down several concepts and topics that relate to your own experiences and strengths. Reviewing sample responses can help you to prepare your own concepts, and inspire ideas of what to discuss to enthuse the interviewer.

Considering Paralegal School in Mississippi?


Mississippi (/ˌmɪsɪˈsɪpi/ ( listen)) is a state in the Southern United States, with part of its southern border formed by the Gulf of Mexico. Its western border is formed by the Mississippi River.

The state has a population of approximately 3 million. It is the 32nd most extensive and the 32nd most populous of the 50 United States. Located in the center of the state, Jackson is the state capital and largest city, with a population of approximately 175,000 people.

The state is heavily forested outside of the Mississippi Delta area, between the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers. Before the American Civil War, most development in the state was along riverfronts, where slaves worked on cotton plantations. After the war, the bottomlands to the interior were cleared, mostly by freedmen. By the end of the 19th century, African Americans made up two-thirds of the Delta's property owners, but timber and railroad companies acquired much of the land after a financial crisis.

Clearing of the land altered the Delta's ecology, increasing the severity of flooding along the Mississippi. Much land is now held by agribusinesses. A largely rural state with agricultural areas dominated by industrial farms, Mississippi is ranked low or last among the states in such measures as health, educational attainment, and median household income.[6][7][8] The state's catfish aquaculture farms produce the majority of farm-raised catfish consumed in the United States.[9]

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